About Us

Streak Media was founded in 2011 on a college campus as a local media group. Today, Streak is a digital platform that specializes in the college market. With a reach of over 7 million college students in the US, and an exclusive partnership with The National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), Streak is able to develop comprehensive and complex, yet customized digital strategies for Fortune 500 companies.
You would love to have a beer with us — or a vegan kale salad, if that’s your thing. At Streak, our primary goal is for you to succeed as a marketer on behalf of the company you represent. We understand the complicated digital landscape and enrich our client relationships with education as we work together producing real results.
Just like the millennials that we target so well, we have opinions... We want you to learn from our work and research even if you decide not to work with us directly. Like what you see? Schedule a time to hit up a spin class, or hop on a phone call, with Mike here.
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