Microsoft Student Partners Recruiting

Microsoft wanted to garner applications from students at 150 different schools across the country for their student partners program! In just five days Streak was able to:

  1. Collect 500 student leads across 200+ universities by activating with students via Ten Minute Tasks. What better way to get to the right students than through other students? With TenTask, we were able to text with over 100 students in order to receive 500 personal student recommendations for the program.

  2. Sponsor targeted hyper-local newsletters such as Morning Brew Daily, Streak News, and even the Yale Daily News newsletter.

  3. Partner with the major on-campus newspapers at priority schools in order to bolster the delivery of social ads to students on Instagram, Facebook, and thousands of mobile apps.

  4. Use our custom Campus Audiences to deliver advertisements to students at 500+ campuses across the country.

    Mission accomplished. Additional applications from overflow universities received.

Microsoft Collage

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