Peet's Coffee and Tea

Peet's Coffee wanted to create some buzz around their stores on campus during finals. Our solution? Combining student instagram marketing with campus audiences at each of the following 10 target schools:

Peets Collage

Grand Canyon University / Northeastern University / San Francisco State University / University of Arkansas / University of California - Berkley / University of California - San Diego / University of Massachusetts - Amherst / University of Oregon / University of Wisconsin - Madison / Yale University

Activating with some of the top student instagram users on a campus isn't just about finding students with a lot of followers – we want them to be talented with their camera as well...

Peets Instagram

Providing Peet's and Keurig the opportunity to co-brand on campuses helps to extend the reach of marketing dollars at both companies.

Not only did we saturate more than 40% of each campus with unique impressions, some students just couldn't even contain their excitement!!

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