RCN - Internet and Cable Service Provider

The Problem: Students are unaware of RCN's new stand-alone Internet package and on-demand installation offers.

The Goal: Drive sales.

The Streak Solution: A comprehensive closed-circuit program encompassing 13 colleges and universities in the Boston area.

Not only did we saturate more than 40% of each campus with unique impressions, we were able to establish a new digital sales strategy through informed analytics!

Using a combination of on-campus integrated marketing tactics as well as local media buys Streak was able to penetrate over 55% of the undergraduate population at RCN’s top 5 target universities. In 2015, RCN had its best Back-To-School sales season to date!

How did we do it? It all started by helping RCN with their #StopTheStruggle creative.


Once the creative was set, we hit the digital turf hard with hyper-local newsletter takeovers, dedicated emails through exclusive partners, social media targeting & campus audiences, native articles, a survey for lead capture, and interactive content.

The results? Not too shabby, why don’t you take a look?


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